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Posted on: August 4, 2008

A while ago kitten wrote a post about stepping back, pulling away and that kitten did and to some extent she still is,, slowly she is letting others into her life once more, trusted friends who she knows will only love her and not hurt her but still it seems there are some who for their own reasons do not like kitten, the worst of it is that kitten has never interacted with these people yet she is still being judged and found wanting ,and that is not fair to either them or kitten

The feelings kitten has running through her at the moment are causing her more turmoil, the one who does not like her says that we have a mutual acquaintance, and by that she means kittens Master, well that is fine and great as kittens Master is poly and that is something kitten knows and has no problem with, but why dislike someone you have no knowledge of? Is it because of Master?

So many times kitten has been told to let things go, do not stress over things that are not important, but to kitten these things are important,  for someone to say they do not like kitten based on what little they have seen of her posts is wrong and hell kitten has no desire to relive the last few months, yet once again through no fault of her own it is happening again and kitten, no matter what others think , is just not strong enough at this time to deal with it ,kitten only lets a few into her arms, she keeps her thoughts and feelings mainly to herself unless with Master, lol and He is not into emotions at all !

Kitten needs to protect herself again it seems and that is what she is going to do, pulling away, detatching, not letting anyone close is the only way it seems as when kitten started to open up and become the kitten she has always been things start to build and she is once again in the wrong, kitten is kitten and she will survive, but she will only survive it seems if she stays away from others, and is that surviving?


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It seems who ever this other person is, sees you as a threat for some reason. From what i have read about you in your blog, I would say its because you are a strong and wise woman who knows what she wants from life. And a lot of people are not strong enough to first know themselves and second to even know what the want from life. Life is a journey, sometimes not a fun journey, with bumps, hills and lots of curves. In those hard times we must remember what we want from this thrill ride…. life. keep your eye on the finish line and never let people that are not trusted get in the way. Only strong people will survive this ride, and you Kitten are one of them. As a good friend once told me, “Kill them with kindness”. Buckle up for this fun ride and keep your eye on the finish line.


Do not let the actions of one deny you of the love of others.Kitten’s strength comes from her interaction with those that do love her.Remember all the wonderful things you have done for others, and know that is why we love you.We will always support your descisions and accept what kitten wants.Being apart from you is not an easy thing,but kitten is kitten and we accept her need to do the things she feels she must.True friendship does not waiver with doubt but only makes ones support stonger.Be well and know we love you.


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