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Posted on: August 2, 2008

Orgasms are a wonderful thing, the ability to play and bring yourself off is something every person can achieve at some point and some how, be it with fingers, toys or other methods smiling and kitten has witnessed a few weird ones even for her !

Just because you are a sub/slave does not mean you do not cum, it does mean however that your pleasures are determined by your Dom/Master, you have no rights to your body, especially in a TPE relationship and that means that you wait to be allowed to play, you wait to be allowed to orgasm and at times that wait can be minutes or hours yet at other time it can be days or weeks, depending on your Dom/Master mood or how busy He is, especially if He is a poly Master as He has others to please as well.

Orgasms can also be used as a form of punishment as well in this life, being made to get to the point of release hourly and then stopping is one form of torture kitten hates but it is so effective and when finally allowed that release well lets just say standing back is advisable as kitten is a squirter!

Another way that an orgasm can be used as punishment is if you are multi orgasmic, being made to cum over and over in a short space of time is wonderful but lol as kitten has found out to her cost twice now, it can also make you pass out! The body is a complex thing and it seems all that pleasure is something it is not designed to cope with! Kitten will say when she regained her senses; she had a big smile on her face!

If a sub/slave is a pain slut then the pleasure she receives from the paddle, whip or even His hand is something she craves so when that is denied her and she is made to orgasm with out the things that bring her joy that is also a form of punishment to her, some need those things to feel the intense pleasure she knows her body is capable of.

Kitten is a shall we say permanently horny person, she craves release at times so badly that it actually hurts, smiling kittens friend last night told her that kitten had a high sex drive and kitten knows that is true but she is learning to control it, at times it can be a week or more with no orgasms so kitten guesses that is a lesson she is learning and when she is allowed to play then the release can and often is intense and worth the wait,

Kitten is the type of person who has trouble playing alone, she had never previously been allowed to pleasure herself for her own gratification, it had always been under  someone else’s  control  if she was to cum or not and as a result kitten finds it hard to orgasm without the interaction, be it words spoken or acts done, that kitten needs to be able to cum and really enjoy it, at times she had cum and while she enjoyed it, they left her feeling hollow as there was no interaction, it was something she was told to do and it took ages to be able to as the interaction was not there,

To be tied and teased, used, humiliated by being called names, to be whipped and your body to throb with pain is a turn on for kitten, the silence and being told to cum while on your own is not but if that is how Master wishes kitten to play that is how kitten tries to, not always with the results that E/either of Them want.

There are many ways a sub/slave can have orgasms used as either punishment or pleasure, and the results are nearly always the same, they cum,, but its how they cum that is the determining factor, an orgasm in pleasure is so very different than an orgasm in punishment .               


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