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Questions and Changes

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Do you ever find yourself in a place where you have more questions than answers; more doubts than reassurance more turmoil than tranquillity?

Kitten is in that place at the moment and she does not really know why or what has caused it, kitten has been through a tough time this last few months and most of it she dealt with on her own or with Master but now she is talking to her very dear friend again she finds herself questioning and doubting and that she does not like and it is not the friends fault it is kittens

Kittens friend knows she is owned but not by whom, that is Masters wish and kitten abides by that so conversations are a bit guarded as kitten cannot answer certain things, and as kittens friend has known her for a lonnnnng time kitten hates that, there has always been honesty and trust between us and now kitten feels she is holding back and not being a true friend to her

Kitten is asked if she is happy and she answers yes she is, and kitten is happy but kitten is also very greedy and she wants more, more what though is the question and that kitten doesn’t know the answer to

Kitten and her friend are good friends in more than one way and that has always been something that they enjoyed together, the other night things started to happen and kitten had to pull back, as she knew it was not something her Master would have approved of without being asked and as He was busy kitten could not ask Him, lol a frustrated kitten that night!

In many ways kittens confusion is her own making but in some ways its not, kitten is doubting herself now, is she enough, can she be enough, will she ever be enough again questions with no kitten answers, and that scares her,

There seems to have been a change happening in kittens life and kitten doesn’t know why or what to do about it, so she just sits and waits to see what is happening and that is a feeling kitten cannot get over, change is good sometimes but kitten has a strong suspicion this change is not good,, or at least not good for kitten


2 Responses to "Questions and Changes"

All I can do is keep kitten in my thoughts and prayers.My faith in her has never faltered, She is stronger then she thinks, as her amazing mind will find the answers she seeks.


kitten loves your faith in her red and she knows that you think of her always,, kitten will sort the questions and get the answers, just need to be true to kitten and that at the moment is something kitten is struggling with, she will return to you all she promises
take care my friend and know that kitten loves you dearly xx

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