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My Friend

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Kitten  sits here writing this and looking back on the thing she  call her life, hell when looking at it there has been some major stumbling blocks and some bad falls, but she am kitten, she  pick herself up and dusts herself down and keep on walking, and in all this she remembers she is kitten no more no less just kitten and hopefully that is enough, she am not stupid enough to not know there are some out there who dislike her but those hopefully are few and far between, and they are nothing in comparison to those who do like her,

just lately kitten have been feeling on her own more and more and to that end she has  started talking to a very dear and special friend, she knows who she is, and the joy she brings back into kittens life is amazing, she has been a god send to kitten. kittens previous Master tried to split us up as He could not stand the bond we shared, its strange when you find someone you click with instantly, and kitten had bonded with her so strongly and even though she doesn’t completely understand this life that kitten leads but she supports kitten and if kitten had her way she would be with kitten all the time.

Kittens friend knows she has a new Master and while she does not know who she supports kitten and has been there for kitten this last week when kitten has been in tears over missing her son, she has made kitten laugh and she has made kitten cry with things she has said but the whole time she has been supportive and a friend, one who kitten will never forget and one who kitten loves dearly and completely,

Guess the reason for this is to say thank you,, thank you my dear sweet friend, kitten loves you the morest times aply xx

Hand in hand

We take this path

Not knowing where it leads

Hand in hand we walk this road

Never stopping always climbing

We will reach the top my dear sweet friend

We will over come the obstacles

And when we reach that highest point my friend

Hand in hand

We will know

That our love and understanding

Our hopes and dreams together

Have made this journey what it was

So hand in hand we leap

We fly from the summit

We jump once more into the unknown

But holding tight to each other

Hand in hand we can do this

Hand in hand we will survive

Because hand in hand we are invincible



3 Responses to "My Friend"

Wow, from reading that it sounds like your friend has touched your life as i am sure you have touched your friends. I like you, have been blessed with a best friend who means the world to me. There is a special bond between us. We have been through a lot together but as friends we are there for each other. I wish all people got to have a relationship like this… a true friendship. And from what i just read Kitten, You have a true friendship and I am glad that you have that person to laugh and cry with. In this world, there are LOTS of people who try to take us down with negativity and bad attitudes… you know.. the people who think they rule the world. I am so glad you have a friend to walk this long journey with… a journey we call life.
Take care until the next time.

kitten as more friends that adore her and care for her and worry about her than she knows.I am glad to call her friend, and wish her only the best as she travel down the road of life encountering new and differant challenges.just never forget we love you too.


Dear red, kitten knows you love her and she loves you dearly,, kitten is in aplace at the moment she needs to sort out in her head and she will return to you all soon she promises,, keep her chair warm for her please until she gets there and know that she loves you all and misses you deeply

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