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Missing Someone

Posted on: July 31, 2008

Well the week is nearly over and kitten is so very gad, kitten is lonely, her son has been away this week and kitten misses Him desperately and its hard to turn around and know he is not there when you have cared for him all his life, the ache kitten feels hurts so bad, and she finds herself crying for no reason except she wants him back

To love another person as deeply and completely as that is scary and in some ways kitten can understand when subs and slaves go to pieces when they are left by their Doms/Masters, as to fully submit, to love another person with all you are is a wondrous thing but also a painful thing and if it does not work out the feeling of loss and pain is overwhelming, unfortunately kitten knows that feeling too well.

It takes a strong person to take a step forward back into the life when things have hurt you that bad, kitten is not strong, but she was helped and for that she will forever be grateful, to walk away from this life would have destroyed kitten as a person as that is who she is, she is a slave and she needs to be a slave, it is as much a part of her as breathing is and that will not change.

Kittens Master has been there for her, supported her and led her to where she needs to be, this week has been doubly tough as kittens Master has been extremely busy and kitten felt His loss as well as  her sons, kitten knows she has no right to His time but this week she realised just how lonely being alone can feel, and to be honest that is a feeling that she hates and never wants to feel again, she knows she will at some stage in her life might not be for a long time, might be next week but kitten is kitten and she will do as she always does, she will smile and say every thing is fine


1 Response to "Missing Someone"

I am sorry that you are missing your son. While he is gone, remember to hold on to the memories, hold them close to your heart. I do not know you, just from reading your blog (which I love and it has helped me A LOT) but I would say from what I have read… you are a VERY strong person. Do not think any less of yourself. I believe that it takes a very very strong person to submit and give fully. Please keep up your blog…. I love reading what is going on in your mind.
Remain to be Strong.

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