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Pleasing Master

Posted on: July 30, 2008

What would you do to please your Master? How far would you go? Would you draw the line and say “No that I will not do”

A Master will not force you to do anything illegal and He will not force you to do anything that would cause you harm but He will lead you, He will push at your fears and barriers, He will lead you and enable you to grow, to face past hurts and problems and with His help He will enable you to over come them, to grow and learn. He will protect you while you are dealing with things that hurt you but at the same time He will give you the strength to face them and find the power within you to deal with them.

A Master when dealing with slaves will look at each one differently, He will treat them as individuals and in that way He will instinctively know what is the right course of action for that particular slave.

A Master will respect a slaves feelings of doubt, fear, self esteem and even though a Master at times may ignore those feelings it is because He knows best where you are concerned, if He was to allow you to always back away and never progress then He would be doing Himself and you a great disservice, His main aim is to build your value to Him and by ignoring your irrational fears He is showing you that what you are most scared of is in your head and not something that will hurt or cause you harm, that if you put a particular thing or act into practice, then you will not be in any danger or in at risk,

A lot of slaves fear the unknown, yet when it is known them it becomes something they enjoy, but if the Master finds that even after the guidance and understanding a slave still does not enjoy certain things then He will not engage in those acts with the particular one but will adapt His dealings with her to respect those feelings, that is not to say He will never do certain things with her but He will ‘hold back’ to a certain extent

If you are not into bi sexual activities for example if you do not wish to be shared by your Master, then He will know this, understand this but that is not to say He will not tell you to lick a sisters pussy, or suck another’s cock, it is His wish so that is your desire, to please Him you should do what ever He asks,, but would you and could you?

In a T.P.E. relationship a Master has complete control, you are His property and His desire becomes yours, and this is where kitten thinks some are confused, a straight sister has no say in how she interacts with another of her Masters choosing, He decides how what when and how she is to be used and by whom and the same goes for being shared, be it in an orgy scene or a threesome or even being watched while she is being fcked, this is not something she can or should seek to control, all she needs to understand is a Master will always protect her and keep her safe, He will allow no harm to come to her and who knows, the slave might actually learn something and find that the biggest obstacle has been over come, the fear of fear itself has been wiped from her and she enjoys what ever Master wishes from her


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