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Master, Sisters and sex

Posted on: July 28, 2008

Kitten is owned by a poly Master, He owns others and that is great by kitten. Kitten is a pain slut and her sister isn’t, so what does that mean for Master? Well it means all His desires are catered for, as if He wants the softer side of BDSM then He has a slave for that and if He wants the more hard core side then He has that as well, but kitten knows that He will not just use her for the Hard stuff, and He will not just use kittens sister for the soft stuff, a Master likes to have variety and by using kitten soft then He will be teaching her and allowing her to grow, allowing her to experience the other side of BDSM.

A Master has many sides to Him, and those sides form the complete picture, A Master should not be one dimensional, He is Strong, caring loving ( even if He doesn’t always show that side it is always there in the things He does for His slaves ) He is fair and just, He does not judge but listens and advises, He should be someone to turn to when things are not right and that is just some of what a Master is or should be, but a Master is also a sexual person, He loves to have variety, He likes the aspects that this life allows Him and that is apparent when He is a poly Master.

Kitten sees too many stuck in a rut in the vanilla life, lights off wham bam thank you ma am sex is all they wish but a BDSM Dom/Master ,, well no that not for them.

In BDSM there are many things that some sisters adore and some sister abhor, but that is what makes this life unique, the fact that all involved are pleasured and pleased, that all are given the chance to be themselves, to let their inhibitions go and finally be true to what they desire.

If a sister does not like pain that does not mean she is adverse to inflicting it on another, and while kitten has a feeling that her sister would not enjoy that kitten also knows there are other slaves that while they cannot take it love to give it, and if that is a Masters wish to see His slaves playing together in that way then He is happy, the slaves are happy and the pleasure received by all is tremendous.

A Master who wishes to see a slave used by another slave is not rare in this life, it is something most men desire, seeing two women together is a great turn on for them and in that way a Master is just living most men’s dreams, there is no feeling like a Master taking one slave while her face is buried in a dripping pussy!

BDSM is a life most fantasize about, its about freedom to be who and what you really ar, We are people, we have the same desires and needs as most, but the difference is, we accept them, embrace them and live them

smiling,, more kitten thoughs,


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I really like this post.

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