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Master knows best

Posted on: July 28, 2008

kitten loves to be tied, she loves to be paddled, her ass burning red and her body writhing in ecstasy as she takes her pleasure from Masters hand but that does not mean she does not enjoy being cuddled, held in His arms and soothed when she is hurting emotionally, just because a slave loves the pain side doesn’t mean that ALL pain is good, the emotional pain is the one that hurts the most.

in the past kitten has got things wrong, wrong in the fact when she was hurting inside she used to try to justify that pain by needing to be hurt on the outside, needing to be hurt physically as well as mentally, but was always left feeling hollow and empty, the pain did not relieve the hurt inside, and at times kitten pushed  and pushed to try to make it hurt more, needing that to try to feel better about herself

Kittens Master does not believe in punishments, well physical punishments and that confused kitten for so long, having been used to that for so long when it is not there, kitten could not understand, did it mean kitten was not worth punishing, was she so much of a screw up that she was not worth bothering with ? Why did He not punish her and make her see the errors of what had happened? When kitten was hurting because she knew she had done wrong why did He not hurt her more ? why did He not punish her with the belt or the paddle ?

Master is a smart cookie, He knew that the belt was a temporary punishment, the pain would be short lived and would actually not do any good to kitten, yes He did punish her, by not punishing her, !  There is nothing like a slave who knows she has screwed up and the misery she feels by being a disappointment is overwhelming, that is the worst punishment ever but having learnt a lesson that way it is one that is rarely repeated, and when the lesson is learnt then an arm around you, a snuggle on the floor by His feet, a kind word, a hand stroking your hair, these are all indications that kitten is fine and she is not in trouble,

In the past a belt, a paddle, a whip, these were used but they didn’t work and the pain kitten felt on the outside did not stop the pain on the inside but now  pain is once more just for pleasure and not for relief of emotions causing her trouble  inside, but Masters way, although so very different, means kitten is not seeking to justify the hurt all the time, pain is once more just for pleasure and not for relief of emotions causing her trouble


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