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This life and Abuse

Posted on: July 26, 2008

When many think about this style of life they see the bad and not the good, too many imagine a sub/slave being held against their will,, bound and helpless and with no where to go if things go wrong, and that is a false image, talk shows portray Doms/Masters as abusers, they see a strong Man and automatically thing Yeap He is an abuser because He tells His sub/slave what to do and is the relationship is one of TPE then that extends to where they go, who they see, what they wear, in fact in every part of the slaves life the Master has control and if the slave has family, friends or work mates who are not familiar with their life the cry of He is an abuser  Leave Him , Walk away , is heard ringing out.

Kitten knows there are abusers in this life style, unfortunately she has experienced it first hand but they are not the normal, they are the exception and those true to BDSM and D/s and M/s do not tolerate them within their circles so many are out cast and left to make their own way, many but not all, as some to the outside world are normal and kind, caring and compassionate towards their property, its only when the doors are shut that things change.

Sometimes a sub/slave doesn’t know its abuse, stupid kitten knows but its true, if the treatment you are receiving has happened over a long period, slowly changing, subtle things becoming an everyday event then you know no other way, the mind tends to forget other things and just accepts what is now and not what was then. 

Abuse takes on many forms, physical, well that’s something a pain slut doesn’t realise for a long time as pain to her is a normal thing and one that she craves but even then the punishments can take on harsher results and all of a sudden what you once craved you start to fear, and that is something that can break and destroy a person, taking what is an essential part of them and making them fear it.  The abuse can be mental, tell someone often enough they are fat stupid, thick, ugly, worthless etc and they will believe it, and their belief in themselves will plummet, and in this way the Dom/Master gains greater control as who else would want a sub/slave who was all those things ? No one that’s who, regardless if she is actually what is being said the belief is installed in her that she is worthless and stupid ignorant etc.

So what do you do if you see another sister in that situation? (And kitten uses sister as we are all sisters in one form or another when we are in this life)Well if you are owned the go to your Dom/Master, explain to Him what your fears are, what you know is happening, don’t exaggerate, don’t fabricate just hard facts as otherwise it will not be believed, talk to the sister speak to her, watch what is happening but failing that  then all you can do is be there for her when things get too bad support her and love her, and let her know she has a friend in you, one who will love her regardless of her choices.

The abusers in this life do exist but no more than in a vanilla life, the difference is its a smaller community so they are more obvious and that is what people see when they look from the out side into this life, they never see the pleasure, the joy the happiness that we are feeling and that is their loss

  Lol the ramblings of a kitten mind is scary really 


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