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Punishments and Rewards

Posted on: July 26, 2008

In this lifestyle a lot is made of the punishment side of things,, smiling ,, kitten knows some punishments are worse than other, lol a paddle across the ass would not bother her but breaking or being made to not listen to her Bon Jovi would be devastating to her, smiling kitten knows that Mozart or Beethoven just not the same for her !

A punishment is usually given when a wrong is done, but and this is something kittens Master believes in deeply, not ALL wrongs are punishable, if the task a sub/slave had been given was done wrong, then a Master first needs to look at why ,, is the sub/slave incapable of doing the task ? Were the instructions not clear ? was there something that happened that prevented the task being done? All these things are factors in why a task migh not have been completed.

But what of rewards ? if there is a punishment for something done wrong or a grave mistake made, then it stands to follow that there should also be a reward as well for something done well . This reward system is one that not all Doms/Masters believe in though so no task should be undertaken with the thought of getting a reward in mind, this only leads to disappointement and eventually feelings of resentment, something kitten always tries to remember is a saying she heard,,,

“Do not be like servants who serve their masters expecting to receive a reward; be rather like servants who serve their master unconditionally, with no thought of reward.” – Antigonus of Sokho

A reward is anything, a kind word, a pat on the head, being pleasured by Your Master, indeed to some a reward would be the feel of the paddle !  And just as a given task is treated as a seperate thing then so should the rewards, it doesn’t always follow if the task is a hard or difficult one then the reward if any will be greater than that for a task which is simple, all tasks are important and should be treated with the mindset of it being something which your Dom/Master wishes you to do so you do it with a smile.

Just as the punishment should fit the ‘ crime’ and sub/slave then so should the reward, and by this kitten doesn’t mean the ‘size’ of the reward but the reward being tailored to that particular sub/slave. not all rewards mean the same to all concerned, If the punishment is to peak hourly with out being allowed to orgasm for a 24 hour period ( or longer ) then is the reward being allowed to cum ? If the punishment is not being allowed to speak is the reward the sound of your voice again? If the punishment is being ignored for a period of time, is the reward being noticed?

Kitten thinks subs/slaves need to remember the good as well as the bad. So much is talked of about punishment and if this life was all punishment then how many would really stay true to it ? The rewards are there, but it seems that not many actually notice them as they think they are a right, when a Master allows His sub/slave sexual release, that is a reward and not a right When a sub/slave is given freedom to go out,speak with friends, that is a reward not a right. The only true right we have are those given to us by our Doms/ Masters.

Smiling sorry just a kittens view once again



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