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He watches over her

Posted on: July 26, 2008

The room was quiet, the only sound was that of her breathing, deep even breaths the occasional sigh as she turned in the bed; she was alone, sleeping soundly when He visited.
The curtains flapped at the window, silently allowing Him entrance as He sat on the sill watching her, the smile playing across His face as He saw her turning restlessly in the bed, His smile becoming wider as she moaned in her sleep, she knew even in sleep He was close, her body so attuned to Him that His presence was felt even in slumber,,, moving swiftly across the room,, His footsteps gliding on the carpet He stops at the foot of the bed, His hands moving under the covers and touching her , her calf in His hand as he gently parts her legs,, she moans more but her legs open for Him, running His fingers over her leg,, higher,, watching her squirm as they move to the V of her legs,, gently, briefly touching her sweet pussy He withdraws His hand,, her body wriggling on the bed, her own fingers move unbidden to her pussy,, her smile while she sleeps clear as her fingers move over her clit, running between her lips as she groans, her eyes flickering as she feels her body.
He moves up beside the bed, His hands once more touching her under the covers, this time a slight flick of His fingers to her hard nipples, a glancing touch that sends thrills through her, His smile wide as He hears her gasps,, He knows she wants to touch then even while sleeping, her free hand moving to them as she sighs, her fingers on her nipples as she turns in the bed,, laying on her side with her leg raised, her hands on her body as He watches,
Leaning over her He whispers, Cum for Me, Cum while I watch over you
Her fingers move over her clit,, stroking and touching, playing and pleasing as He watches,, never touching her,, ever talking to her but just being there is enough, she can sense Him with her as her fingers move,, she is trying to please Him still even while asleep she wants His pleasure, the covers move lower, her body on fire as she taunts her clit, the ache building as she feels her orgasm approaching, her legs tensing, her body stretching , as her fingers move on her body,, fingers going inside her as her legs open wider, moving on the bed, unable to keep still, even in sleep her body responds to Him, to the thought He wants her
Long loud moan as her body heaves,, her sweet pussy juices flowing as she cums, her back arching as she orgasms, her fingers still inside her,, hips lifting to the pleasure she feel,, her eyes open, searching desperately for Him, sure that it was Him that had done this to her,, the room is empty, the curtains billowing in the slight breeze,, no one is there the room is silent,,
Was it a dream? Was He never really there? Turning her head, she sees her paddle on the pillow beside her,, smiling softly she holds it, turning she closes her eyes a soft sigh as she knows He watches over her once more as she sleeps



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