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Sex and the Senses

Posted on: July 22, 2008

Many in this life and even in the vanilla life have played with being blindfolded, its a wonderful feeling when one of your senses are removed, and the others are heightened, the sense of smell, hearing, touch, all intensify when you remove the sight, and this if done with trust of your partner can make a scene or a bedroom setting intense.

When a sub/slave is deprived of one of her sense, the others all ‘kick in’ and the anticipation, the excitement and the not knowing if you like can make a person either really freak out or experience a wonderful high.

Kitten likes the feeling of the unknown, if she is blindfolded; it’s the anticipation, who will touch her? Where? How? When? What are they doing, why are they doing that? All things that can make a slave scream in pleasure and if there is another involved as well, maybe a sister or one of Masters Friends, then who is doing what? What will they do next?

kitten loves the feeling of not being in control, of having no choice and so blindfolded and tied is one that even typing about makes her squirm in her chair, lol its that bad ! But imagine this if you can, you are tied to a bed, you are ‘blinded’ and cannot see anything, you know that there is at least one in the room with you and so you strain to hear the, hear their breathing, hear the slightest movement from them, you struggle in your head to feel if they are close, can you feel their breathing on you? Can you feel them moving to sit on the bed? Next comes the touching, can you feel them running their fingers over you? Can you feel the almost there brush of their fingers against your parted thighs?

When you take on sense away the others are heightened and this can lead to an experience that knows no limits, but as with all things, you must trust the person you are with, kitten trusts Master and she knows that He would not let others harm her, so when she is blindfolded kitten can release the fear but at the same time open her mind, and that is where the key lies, in the ability to open your mind, if you are fearful then the pleasures will be tainted,  you will resist what is happening to you and fight against it.

Once you have gotten used to being blindfolded then maybe experiment with bondage, this removes the ability for you to touch, the sense of touch removed then you have lost 2 senses now, and so you are at your partners mercy, play around with that for awhile and see how you feel, the next one, and indeed the last one you can play with is the sense of hearing, earplugs so you cannot hear or see but just experience, not that takes an immense amount of trust as you are helpless like never before, something that takes a lot of trust to be, but if achieved, the results and the pleasure are second to none

Most of all have fun and enjoy, stop if you are frightened and take it slow, step by step, like most things what works for one is not always right for another, find your niche and enjoy it


2 Responses to "Sex and the Senses"

I am a fan of being tied up. Its such a rush because its a mixture of fear and anticipation of pleasure.

My Dom asked me to find a blindfold today. I’ve been anticipating tonight since I read this on my List this morning when I woke up. Reading your entry just made me even more excited!! Great Post. 🙂

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