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SEX….. yes please

Posted on: July 20, 2008

kitten is what in this life style is called a pain slut, lol a name many find offensive but kitten doesn’t as its true, kitten loves the crop, a paddle, a whip, all these to kitten are pleasure not punishment and that some find hard to believe and so they look at her with amazement when she is writhing in pleasure under His hand while it strikes kittens ass, her pussy, her tits.

To some in this life the pain aspect is a part they do not enjoy, and that is fine, as the saying goes, ‘Different strokes for different folks’ and to be honest if everyone enjoyed or craved the same things then life would be very borng indeed. kitten understands how some view being paddled as a punishment, lol kitten never would have believed it herself when she was a child and being spanked that one day this is something that her mind and body could enjoy so much.

A well placed paddle, a strike of the whip on quivering buttocks, all things that kitten enjoys, candle play, bondage, sense deprivation, all aspects that if done right heighten the pleasure that kitten feels and if kitten is honest, and that is one thing kitten always is regardless of the cost to herself, there have been a couple who have punished kitten for enjoying these things, they took them too far and thats when the pleasure turns to fear. As with all things in this life, control of the Master is a must, a scene or a play has to be controlled and an option for stopping in place, and when the safe word used then it should stop, if it doesn’t then trust in that person is damaged and fear takes over the pleasure part.

kitten is owned by a poly Master and one of kittens sisters, well two she thinks, do not enjoy pain and this is something that works well for all it seems as kitten does and while she does enjoy the ‘softer’ side as well it is not something that kitten would crave all the time. So in the true nature of a poly Master, all in this relationship will be satisfied, Master as He can have what He desires when He desires and the sisters, kitten inculded, can have what they desire.

A Master can tell a slave that He wants her to have sex with a sister and this is also something that kitten has no problem with, and if she is honest it is something that she enjoys as well, so to kittens mind this is something that can only be good for all, kitten is a sexual person, no bragging but she enjoys sex and foreplay in all of its many forms and she has no problem doing as she is asked, in fact kitten craves the touch and the feel of being used or using another, this to kitten is something she needs, and as a slave kitten knows she should not have those needs, she is Masters to do with as He wishes and this kitten knows but inside of kitten, the feelings are there and Master will satisfy those feelings within her kitten is sure.


2 Responses to "SEX….. yes please"

I’ve just read all of your blogs and i love them. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

Thank you indescribably kitten is glad you like them, what kitten writes is what she thinks, feels and knows about and while it might no make sense to many this is kittens outlet in this life she leads,
kitten thanks you for reading and hope you continue to, and any quetions then please ask or go to the forum mentioned in one post and ask there,, would get others view points as well there
Thank you


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