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Sex as part of this life

Posted on: July 20, 2008

when anyone thinks of BDSM kitten is sure one of the first things they think of is kinky sex, you know the type of thing, leathers, whips, bondage, well yes all that does happen (if your lucky) but that is only a small part of this life and while it is an important part it does not deter from the main aim, and that is, if you are a sub/slave, to serve your Dom/Master as fully as you are able.

Some sub/slaves when they enter this life are ‘straight’ but the Dom/Master they submit to like the idea of them being with their sisters totally, so what do they do? Well in most cases kitten thinks its a fear of the unknown, they have never been with a woman so they are unsure what it entails and this fear clouds their minds, and that is ok, everyone has fears pertaining to this life at some time or another and with guidance and help from your Dom/Master and others within this life most are quickly settled and looking back you wonder what all the fuss was about

So what about if your Dom/Master wishes to farm you out to His friends, well again, this might be a fear of the unknown, you want desperately to please your Dom/Master so maybe you will do it willingly or maybe your will do it grudgingly but then again maybe you will refuse point blank,. who knows and until you are in that situation all kitten can say is keep an open mind and not let your fears take control, speak to your Dom/Master tell them what you are feeling and if they know it is a real problem for you then most (but unfortunately not all) will help you and they will make the right decision for you.

A pain slut will  enjoy the feel of a crop, a whip, a paddle whilst another might not, again these are things that you need to talk about, as if a Dom/Master does not know these things it can have traumatic results, and that is something none of the parties involved want.  

When entering this lifestyle care should be taken as the One you submit to has a huge responsibility in taking care of you, and if you are not honest and truthful with Them then things can go wrong, but if you are then the rewards are endless and that is a wonderful feeling for anyone to experience


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