Akittenone’s Weblog

Starting Afresh

Posted on: July 19, 2008

kitten slept for awhile last night and she now has a clear head, and with that clear head comes some rational thinking, and the decisions she has made have lifted a weight from her.

kitten is starting afresh,, she has re read all the things Master has told her to, she has been writing and posting as she was asked to do and she has kept herself to herself, she is talking to no one except Master at this stage as she needs to build her confidence again, it took a battering and the total extent was not known until now, kitten is not as strong as she thought she was, and she needs to build herself up again before she can face anyone or anything else happening in her life.

kitten knows the hospital are cross with her, she has lost another 9lb in weight and they are getting worried about her, the pills and medicines they give her work for awhile but ultimately they don’t for long, too many long hours at work, no sleep and no eating are not ideal kitten knows but kitten is working towards a greater goal, going to be with Master so she does this with a smile and hope,, she knows i will take awhile but she is desperately trying to be with Him. To this end all kitten can do is try to eat a bit more and well there is one way guaranteed to make kitten sleep but,, lol,, that is not fair on Master all the time so kitten will sleep well when Master decides.

kitten knows that others will still doubt her but there is no need, kitten is not being drawn into any more doubts, arguments or grief,, kitten wants to live her life for Master and do as He tells her, the tasks He sets her giving her purpose and determination giving her the strength to do them.

kitten trusts Master to know what is best for her and that He will never hurt her, this she needs to focus on and once she is with Him then it will all be as it is destined to be,, wonderful



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