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Happy kitten

Posted on: July 19, 2008

smiling, ok kitten wasn’t going to write on here today, she has been writing all day but kitten has a feeling someone special reads this and that she hopes is true,

kitten is happy, she got to speak to Master today, and it was wonderful, something that finally shows kitten more than typed words ever could, Yes He does care for kitten and for that she is grateful, lol more than grateful estatic might about cover it. To actually talk to Him after two months of longing to hear Him, converse with Him, to listen to His words instead of read them,to know that He thinks kitten is worth talking to ,, all small things but so meaningful to kitten.

During the conversation anothers name was brought up and Masters belief that kitten resents her and is stil holding a grudge and bad feelings,, now kitten is a slave and as such she knows she should agree with Master but in this case He is wrong, kitten doesn’t hold a grudge, she has no hard feelings, in fact kitten really wants her to be happy and she knows that with Master she will be.

kitten thinks too many things made the relationship hard between the two and kitten is waiting to move forward, but was it all kittens feelings of doubt and insecurities or are some belonging to the other one as well ? This is something kitten will never know but kitten does know that in order to move forward BOTH have to let go of the past and not nit pick at things said or imagined, kitten is just one person, she has tits, pussy and ass just like any other woman, she is not some super human, she is just human and has a mine field of things she is working through and hell she is trying bloody hard to get to the place she needs to be and that is with Master and if it is to be then with her sisters as well.

Some thing are better left unsaid they say well that might be true but this needed to be said and hopefully understood for the olive branch it is ,, its not all kitten but kitten willing to take the first step,, will you meet her half way ? for Masters sake if not your own ?


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