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Posted on: July 18, 2008

Kitten hasn’t written in a few days, she has so much she wants to say and so many thoughts running around her head but they need to stay inside her, to actually speak them will do no good apart from to confuse and upset her more, so kittens turmoil will stay with her.

Kitten tries to be honest, she has always believed that if what you were saying was with the best intentions, honest and true then it was not a problem ,, WRONG … seems kitten is now confrontational as well as everything else ,, just because kitten does not sugar coat things, she says what she thinks and feels, well we all know kitten is not allowed feelings, as feelings just get in the way.

So how can kitten ever get it right ? seems she gets it wrong all the time and that to be honest is getting to be a pain in the butt,, not literally but this is something kitten needs to really look at as she is sick of always being wrong, sometimes the best intentions are taken the wrong way and kitten is left hurting again.

Kitten sometimes wonders why Master bothers ,, if kitten is as bad as is said then why does He, she is not worth the trouble ,, but the thing is , kitten is not always wrong and that she thinks people need to realise, sometimes kitten is right!

So now what ? well kitten is kitten and she will be fine,, lol she is all singing all dancing remember so she will survive.


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