Akittenone’s Weblog

Return of an Old Master

Posted on: July 18, 2008

This week has been a nightmare, seems kittens old Master still thinks He owns kitten, trouble is He doesn’t and that is something that kitten is having a hard time telling Him, the phone rings and kitten jumps, if someone signs into kittens messenger service kitten runs, but the service was a good way to see when He was about so kitten could ignore the phone but after the other night kitten deleted it and now she has no idea where or when He might pop into kittens life, and that is a sickening feeling, one that leaves her dreading anyone calling.

Kitten has changed her addy, only Master has the new one but still when kitten receives an email it scares her, its in her mind and this she knows but fear is a powerful thing, it controls all of the body and mind, making a person powerless to thoughts and reason, even knowing this kitten still feels that twisting pit of dread in her stomach.

Kittens Master knows some of what has been said and done but how much can kitten actually tell Him, what should she tell Him ? kitten tried to talk to Him after the last time the old One appeared but Master was busy and it wasn’t fair on Him so kitten left, it was easier than staying and knowing the kitten needed to talk, knowing she needed His sanity to talk to her , right or wrong kitten was on her own and had no one to turn to , so things said and told to kitten by Old One race through her, He refuses to understand that kitten gave His collar back, kitten is not His, He left kitten and not kitten left Him , He was the One who walked away so why does He believe He can return ? why will He not leave kitten alone ?

Add Him returning, Him harassing kitten to everything else that is going on in kittens head and kitten is a basket case ! kitten is confrontational, mean and nasty, she is trying so hard to do as is asked of her, to move forward from past troubles but still she is in the wrong, so what does she do ? Give up ? ignore what is said ? run ? ….. kitten likes the running option, thats the easiest one for her to cope with, for her to leave and hide inside her head, that way nothing and no one can destroy any more of kitten, as to be honest kitten is not strong, she is not able to cope with this any more she is slowly but surely being destroyed.


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