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kittens goodbye

Posted on: July 13, 2008

kitten is writing this brief note to say goodbye to her blog, she will not be writing on her again for awhile, she knows that it is something she needs to do and so she will go back to writing her words and thoughts and feelings in private where no one can read them except her, this is something that has to be done,

kitten would like to thank those who have read her words, no matter what reason, curiosity, noseyness, or just plain interest, thank you regardless

goodbye and take care,, kitten hopes that all the bumps you suffer on lifes road are small and easily negotiated 



The life W/we crave is full of hills
The road ahead not always clear
W/we journey forward
Sometimes stepping back
But always certain in what W/we dream
The unwavering faith in what W/we do
W/we live O/our lives to complete O/ourselves
W/we yearn to reach the highest peak
The scorn from others who do not understand
Never allowed to pierce our hopes
The regret of disillusion and false desires
From those who doubt
Washed from O/our minds
This journey is O/ours
Hand in hand W/we will travel this path
And hand in hand we will remain true to O/ourselves

Travelling this lonely path
Feeling all alone
Drifting on this floating island
Looking for my home

Needing to be wanted
Wanting to belong
No arguments and jealousy
No feelings of being wrong

Desiring to serve Him
To be left alone in peace
Wanting to be happy
All arguments to cease

Master is my focus
The One whose needs i serve
My total commitment is to Him
No more than He deserves

This need that burns inside me
Know it’s not a whim
Wanting to be left alone
To live my life for Him

So all i ask from you now
Is please to let me be
Let me serve my Master
Leave me alone let me be me


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