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A new beginning or the end of a chapter ?

Posted on: July 12, 2008

Well it seems no matter what kitten did/does it is always wrong so to this end she is now moving on, some things will never change and this kitten saw last night, and honestly ? kitten is done with it all, she is not the only one who is in the wrong but it seems she is on her own and that was made clear to her last night, but unfortunately it was not seen that way.

kitten is a slave, its all she wants, she needs to serve her Master to survive, sometimes there is an inbred desire that no matter what happens a slave needs to be able to serve and so that is what kitten is now going to do, regardless of any thing else kitten is going to focus on Master and kitten, now in theory this sounds great but in practice ? well who knows,,

kitten has served 4 Masters in her time and each wanted something different in the way They were served but ultimately they provided kitten with the chance to be kitten, and each in some way helped kitten forward and ‘develop’ into who she is today.

Last night kitten was told she was mean and nasty, something that no one has ever said to kitten before mainly because kitten has never been that way to anyone who did not hurt her first, kitten is more into leaving than fighting for herself  and re reading lots of things all night ( kitten really needs to work on this sleeping business ) kitten sees where it all went wrong but is it too late now ? well that is something kitten cannot answer all she can do is apologise to those she has hurt and then move on, there is nothing more kitten can or will do, what happened happened and kittens feelings are not important, again that was made clear, kitten was not the only one in the wrong but as pointed out last night this is a situation where kitten will never be right so now kitten is giving up she wants no more arguments, no more back stabbing in disguise no more of anything, she is done with it all,

All kitten wishes is to serve her Master and interact when required with her sisters.

kitten is kitten she will be fine and survive this as she has survived everything else that life throws at her, its now a case of who she will be at the end of this, the kitten she was in the beginning or someone completely different,  time will tell


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