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Posted on: July 11, 2008

kitten is writing this with tears,, she is tired, tired of it all,, the distrust, the feelings others have towards her and all the b/s that is flying around, kitten submitted to her Master hoping for great joy, the chance to serve, to feel whole again but instead all she has is doubts,the feelings of having to watch everything she says and does,

kitten was a happy go lucky person, a loyal friend and a person many looked up to, she is respected and loved by so many and even now she has friends who are asking for her,, wanting to talk to her , ask advice and generally be with her, but the smile that was always present on kittens face is fading fast and the weight in her heart is growing, and this is something kitten needs to address before the person kitten was becomes no more and she is a shell of her former self.

Yes kitten has been nasty to others,, a do to them what they do to kitten mentality  but the trouble is kitten is not sneeky enough and she does it in plain sight, something that Master sees so He gets cross with her, but that is not why she does it, kitten lashes out at those who hurt her, she fights back but unfortunately again only kittens words are seen as she is obviously not clever enough to disguise them like others do.

 So what now for kitten does she throw in the towel and walk away ? does she fight on ? or does she do neither ?  Well kitten is doing neither,, kitten is leaving that decision up to another person and that person knows who kitten is referring to  ,, they have kittens contact details,, all kitten wants is one word, go or stay and no one else will ever know if that word was said or indeed what that word was, this s something kitten has to do as the situation is intolerable and something which kitten is sure cannot carry on.


2 Responses to "Tired"

Oh Kitten you are making me cry because I see myself in you.

krissy, kitten asks that you look at the picture on her profile, its a comic on,, and the slogan is never give up, kitten is not giving up krissy, this is the life she NEEDS to survive and to BE kitten, that is something we all deserve, the right to be who we are ,, stay strong krissy and be true to yourself always
kitten x

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