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Treating Slaves as Individuals

Posted on: July 10, 2008

When we enter this life, or indeed move on from One Dom/Master or sub/slave to another when circumstances dictate, the ideal thing in this world is to have a relationship with One who is close, but human nature being what it is does not always work that way and if the One you desire and yearn to serve is a distance away then what?
The main hope of all involved is to actually meet and take this relationship further, the need to serve and the
desire to serve that particular person is always present and distance becomes irrelevant,

Now questions remain and these questions are never easy to ask or indeed answer. If the Master has multiply slaves, and one is closer than the other, do the rules become different for them both? If one is allowed to play (And by play kitten means have sex with someone else as the Master thinks they have been behaving) yet the other is not, then why the difference? Is this because of the distances involved? A sub/slave, in kittens mind, only engages in play when her Dom/Master is present or with people her Dom/Master trusts to ensure her well being at all times, mindless play because they have been ‘ good’ is something kitten does not believe in.

If one sub/slave is banned from something that her Master desires, for example wearing underwear and the others are not, then why? Again is this because that particular slave’s ability to serve is lessened as the distance increases? If some slaves are allowed to speak to their Master in a certain way and others not, why? Is this because the ability to ‘punish’ one and not the other is harder? If one sub/slave is punished for something and the other does the same, why the differences in the way they are treated? Why does a Master ask questions and tasks of one and not another?

Another thing to consider is are the feelings of the sub/slave nearer to their Dom/Master more important than those of ones further away ? And if when the meet takes place, will all the differences be forgotten and all treated within reason the same or will the same rules apply for the same subs/slaves and if that is the case then how confusing will that be when some allowed to do or act in certain ways and others not ?

While we know all subs/slaves are individual,and as such are treated accordingly but when differences do occur does the distance play a large part in the way a Dom/Master interacts with their property, in how they are looked upon and treated? And indeed the time differences, smiling, it seems the US has many different time frames within its shores, does the time differences make that much of a difference in the everyday relationships ?

Is it the distance? Is it the belief that as one is further away they are less desirable? Is it the feeling that they are worlds apart and so mean less as a sub/slave than those closer, or indeed is it because they are at the moment online and not real that causes the differences? In this part of the internet, nearly all subs/slaves start their journeys with a Dom/Master as online and some never meet and others meet after 6 months to a year, and it is in that online time that you learn about the person you serve, or who is going to serve you .

Is there really that much difference between 200 miles and 500 miles or even 4000 miles and 2500 miles when all is said and done??

kitten believes that a Master has certain desires, needs and wants and these should not change regardless of the distance, if Master requires His slaves to not wear underwear, then ALL should not wear underwear,, if Master desires a certain type of behaviour then ALL should be taught that behaviour, yes treat them as individuals but a Masters basic likes, dislikes and desires do not or should not change from slave to slave as that means the Master is indesisive in His wants, yes a Master can and does require different things from different slaves and that is where the differences come in, but His basic needs and desires should always be the same,


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