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Posted on: July 10, 2008

kittens Master is a poly Master, this means He has other slaves and this is something that does not faze kitten having been in relationships that have involved others before, so that to kitten is not a problem, however what is a problem is one of the other slave sisters.

kitten was very good friends with her until she did something to break that friendship and now the ‘relationship’ is strained and one of mistrust and at the best strained indifference.

This sister has just recently come back from a visit with Master and she is making sure that kitten knows she is ‘ more’ to Him than kitten is, as kitten is still online at the moment and to be honest kitten is not sure how much more she can take from this sister, and before anyone says kitten is jealous, this is not the case as we all belong to a ‘ chat group’ and no one will now come in to talk if she is there,, an indication surely that this is not just kittens problem but one which affects others as well.

One of the main issues kitten has is her lies but Master cannot see this or will not, kitten is not sure, to Master she is all demure and sweet agreeing with everything He says and tells her to do but kitten also knows that she has at times spoken to Master online under her friends name as her friend is not a slave and Master used to enjoy interacting with her, so this slave used to pretend to be the other person so she could be spoken to like He spoke to that one, not the actions of a dedicated slave kitten thinks,

Another thing kitten has issues with is her running to Master telling tales, kitten found something out which could have had dire consequences to this slave and so kitten went to Master and told Him, He obviously told her and questioned her about some of the things said and so she sent her friends after kitten to threaten her, again Master was told but nothing was said and kitten was left to deal with this on her own, the support should have been with kitten who was the innocent party not to the one who was lying, this she had no problem rubbing kittens face in it

Another instance just occured, she was to pass a message to kitten from Master but she failed to do so, instead making it public knowledge that she had spoken to Master while kitten had not, she delighted in the fact she gets phone calls and kitten does not even get a text ,, this to kitten is becoming a situaion that is intolerable easpecialy as kitten knows that Master wishes the two of them to sleep together with Him when kitten goes to Him

So what now ? what can kitten do ? kitten really does not see a way forward from this situation as her feelings for this other slave are ones of distrust, and yes loathing at times,


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