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When to Speak Freely

Posted on: July 8, 2008

A sub/slaves place it so show respect for her Dom/Master at all times but what if they need to talk, what if something has upset them, made them have doubts and fears then how do they approach their Master to speak freely?

There should be something in place that allows the sub/slave to approach her Dom/Master, maybe a key phrase, a sign that the sub/slave needs to speak and this should then allow the sub/slave to speak freely, with out any recourse or punishment resulting in what is said, Now if the topic bothering the sub/slave is one that involves wrong doing then yes punishment should be applied if warranted but the point kitten is making is that the actual discussion should not result in punishment.

All subs/slaves have difficult times and it is at those times a Dom/Master comes into Their own, They support and guide, advise and in some cases step in to mediate but the Dom/Master is not a mind reader and unless They are told of the problem and worries then They will not know all that is concerning Their property, this is when a system to allow free speech is needed,

The ability to speak freely, it must also be said, is not an excuse to shout, scream or insult your Dom/Master, the proper respect should be shown still but kitten feels that once the subject concerning or worrying the sub/slave has been resolved then all can move forward without recourse for the actual conversation, just possibly the content.

The failure to talk is one of the main reasons that a lot of relationships in this life fail, communication is vital as if you cannot trust your Dom/Master enough to go to them and speak freely when you have a problem, how can you trust them to have control on your life ? If a way to enable the free speech is established then a sub/slave feels secure in the knowledge they can approach their Dom Master and that can only be a good thing.


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