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Is This Love ??

Posted on: July 8, 2008

While having a discussion earlier, some things were said that made kitten think and ponder what was being said and one thing stuck in kittens head and on reflection she can see all to clearly how some can view this and be mistaken,,, this is what was said

“What many miss is that it is a slaves place to love her Master but doesn’t mean it will be reciprocated”

Your thoughts?

Kitten thinks this is true, a sub/slave loves and honours their Dom/Master but this does not mean that the Dom/Master will automatically love Their sub/slave. The relationship between the two is a complex one and yes a Dom/Master will have affection and feel a value in Their property but does this mean that the sub/slave is more valuable than Their car? Or T.V.? All is property owned by the Dom/Master, and as such the value of that piece of property is relative, if They need to get to work and Their car is broken and They face a 10 mile walk then chances are They will value the car more at that moment than they do Their sub/slave (unless the sub/slave has a car as well)

Kitten is not trying to make light of this but looking at the whole picture, a sub/slave is owned by their Dom/Master, to what degree is dependant on the relationship but as we strive to serve, the mistake is sometimes made that as we love Them then They must love us, and They do but not always in the way we would wish or hope for and this is more obvious in a multiple Owner, how can They love 3 or 4 at a time? Yes they respect us hopefully and yes they honour us but do They love us?

If when entering this life you are seeking a thatched cottage with a white picket fence, kitten has a feeling you will be disappointed, yes there are cases of a sub/slave having their love reciprocated but those cases are rare and not the norm, they are the exception .


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