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Today is kittens day,, or is it

Posted on: July 1, 2008

Today is kittens birthday, a time of celebration and happiness, a time when she is supposed to be happy but at the moment that is not what she feel.

Kitten received a phone call from her old Master last night, He wished her a happy birthday, He wished her happiness and love, He was so kind He made kitten cry, and kitten told her Master about the call, His reaction was indifference and that surprised kitten, but kittens Master did say Happy early Bday and then mis spelt kittens name.

What does kitten expect though and is she wrong to expect it ?

kitten hoped for a day that she could be happy with, a day to call her own and selfishly she wanted all the things she would have in the vanilla world, but kitten is not in the vanilla world, her happiness is not dependant on a card, a present, a party, kitten’s happiness is dependant on her Master and if this is how He wishes to treat kittens birthday then that is what kitten gets and she is happy with it.

A birthday is just a day, just like any other in life and is treated as a Master wishes it to be, the need for a card, a pressie or a celebration is not necessary as a Master lets His slave know daily she is loved, and this is enough for kitten.

kitten guesses that the phone call threw her, she was not expecting it and was something that opened old wounds, the old Master will always have a piece of kittens heart, but kitten needs to move on and take the happiness she has with her new Master, take it and make it all she can,


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