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Posted on: June 30, 2008

this is kittens words, her views and her thoughts, the ramblings of a kittens mind are not always easy to follow but they are always honest, honest with herself and those she interacts with, and to her cost she knows that some do not like this and take offence, no offence is meant and none should be taken.

About kitten,

kitten is an owned slave, she loves to serve and in serving her Master she is complete, its almost like the missing piece of a puzzle has been found, making kitten whole and that is a wonderful feeling.

Now is kitten a good slave ? Well that is a question she cannot answer, kitten strives daily to be all she can be and she tries to enrich her Masters life but as with all things she stumbles at times and those times hurt as she feels she is failing, not serving as she should, Master tells kitten that all need to make mistakes to learn but still the feelings of doubt and worth raise thier head and confuse her,

So what is kitten going to talk about here ? well kittens life, her hopes, her dreams and her pit falls,

kitten thanks you all for reading and she welcomes all your comments and remarks,

Thank you




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